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Priyanka Sharma lives with her mother in Shivaji Nagar Slum  area. Her father had passed away due to illness. Her mother is a domestic helper and suffering from elephant foot. She is the only earning person in the family. Due to the condition of family Priyanka’s mother was worried by her initial lack of performance, she enrolled her with Gram Sewa Sangh Nagpur’s non formal school program in 2014. Priyanka‘s hard work, combined with the Gram Sewa Sangh Nagpur team's innovative learning tools and regular remedial classes bore sweet fruit. She cleared her Class X and Class XII with A grade. 

Priyanka  aspired to pursue a career in medical sciences, but the high cost of education was simply out of her mother's reach. Priyanka got continuous support from team Gram Sewa Sangh Nagpur. She soon got admitted in the renowned Maharashtra University. She completed her schooling and started working in a private company to support her family financially and intends to study further. 

“Gram Sewa Sangh Nagpur gave me a ray of hope when I was in distress and perplexed about my career. The team not only revived my dream of pursuing studies, but also guided me and helped me attain good marks. I am very thankful to Gram Sewa Sangh Nagpur for helping me out.” – Priyanka Sharma.


I am Shivani Paunikar,  a class 11th student from Government school Nagpur. My father is an auto driver  and my mother is a homemaker. My hobby is drawing and I want to be a teacher when I grow up. 

I am a student of Gram Sewa Sangh Nagpur’s learning center and have been studying here since last 6 years. I like how subjects are taught here and then tested after every month so that we can monitor our 

progress regularly. I also learn a lot of new things like art and craft etc. I learn new habits from my teachers who are kind enough to teach us and answer all our doubts. I always secure the top rank in my class. Every year we get a school kit from Gram Sewa Sangh Nagpur, which consists of bag, tiffin, bottle, notebooks, drawing pads, color box, and geometry box. We also get fruits and milk products as part of the nutrition program started at the learning center.

My parents are both uneducated so there was no learning atmosphere in our home. That is the main reason I was not able to understand my homework and concepts taught in school properly. One of our neighbors suggested us to get enrolled in Gram Sewa Sangh Nagpur’s learning program. After enrolling myself, my studies have improved a lot, I am now scoring very good in my class. Also I am helping other children with their homework in the slum. I thank Gram Sewa Sangh Nagpur for my life changing improvements. Now along with my studies I am also preparing for entrance tests in teaching program.

AANANya ambade

Aananya Ambade is a 16 year old girl studying in 10th standard in a government school nearby the slum. She has lost her parents at a very young age. She lives with her grandparents . Due to no support for education from family she was unable to concentrate on her studies and according to her teachers she was not performing well in the class. Their poor financial condition was not allowing her to take tuition classes as well. With the help of one of her relatives she got enrolled in Gram Sewa Sangh Nagpur’s learning program in 2018 where she got free tuition classes along with the academic material with helped her a lot and she became more interested in studies. She started improving her herself and scored good marks in her previous classes. Now she is preparing for her 10th board exam with full dedication. She wants to become an airhostess after completing her studies and get a decent job in airlines. Gram Sewa Sangh Nagpur wishes her best of luck for her future.

Shraddha Yogesh Zarkariya

Shraddha Yogesh Zarkariya, a 15 year old girl studying in 10th Standard in a government school. Shraddha says, “If I study, I aspire to be an IPS Officer when I grow up”. Shraddha broke all previous record of her school achieving A grade in her annual examination in academic year 2020-21. Apart from excelling in studies, she is doing very well in sports and extra curricular activities. Shraddha has made us realize the magnitude or significance of what India necessarily requires. She has shown us that with the right opportunity and support, a child can go the distance, in just three years from being a child labourer, she has transformed herself as a merit scholar with every possible growth path opening up in front of her. Shraddha’s parents died when she was a little girl. She lives with her relatives and they shared their sentiment prior to Shraddha ‘s enrollment under Gram Sewa Sangh Nagpur’s learning Program. Whatever they got on daily basis was not sufficient even for a single meal in a day. They did not even know if they would get their next meal since it totally depended on whether they would get the next day job. Her aunt further added that she wished Shraddha gets proper education but due to paucity of funds she was unable to help her in her studies. Gram Sewa Sangh Nagpur supports Shraddha ’s education and entire related expenses. We salute Shraddha, and many more like her to make the impossible possible.


Harshal Shekpetwar

Hello, My name is Harshal Shekpetwar, and here i wanted to share my short impact story about how Gram Sewa Sangh Nagpur helped me to grow leadership qualities in me. Since school time I was interested  in social and youth activities and always  wanted to do something which is good for our community but due to low confidence and stage fear i was unable to speak in public. Then I came into contact with Gram Sewa Sangh Nagpur who mainly work among underprivileged children who lives in slums. And there I started volunteering in social activities of Gram Sewa Sangh Nagpur and become a part of it. at the same time they had given me opportunity to participate in international youth leadership program, There I got chance to meet  people from various countries and got to know about there amazing cultures.

I also  gave presentation about a 'project which is good for our community' and from than I overcome my fear in public speaking, I gained confidence and able to lead a team, I am also a singer and guitarist now I can perform in a big crowd .

After that I decided to make my dream true. I wanted to become a cabin crew and visit all over the world. I started studying and cleared all the exams and interview. Today I am professionally working as a successful cabin crew for Air India International flights.

I really thank Gram Sewa Sangh Nagpur and it is really a very big blessing to me. Today I feel proud to be a part of the team of Gram Sewa Sangh  Nagpur as a volunteer. Thank you so much.

Jenny Jessica William

I am Jenny Jessica William, 24 years old living in Nagpur. Gram Sewa Sangh Nagpur had given me the opportunity to participate in a huge summit with many overseas participants and Japanese students as well. It was an overwhelming experience for me to interact with the youth of various countries and exchange ideas with them on community development. I learned a lot from different presentations given by other participants on what can be done further for the development of communities. We shared ideas and became friends with each other. It also united our ideas and visions and strengthens our policies into a single strong policy which can bring changes on global level.

After discussing and knowing about the condition of poor people and how they are struggling in their day to-day life, made me realize that I must to do something for the underprivileged community. I got myself enrolled in Master in Social Work Program to learn about how to work in these communities. I have also helped women of rural areas with skill development. 

To serve these vulnerable people I did my nursing training from a government College of Nursing, Indore (Madhya Pradesh). Then I started preparing for Nursing job entrance exams for which Gram Sewa Sangh Nagpur has supported me financially. I got passed in the exam with very good marks and Now working as a  Nursing  officer in All India Institute of  Medical Science Nagpur. Along with that I am also working as a volunteer for Gram Sewa Sangh Nagpur. I am thankful to Gram Sewa Sangh Nagpur for supporting and giving me the opportunity to develop my skills.

Akshata Solanki

I am Akshata Solanki, 22 years old. I am woking as  a registered nurse. I am thankful to Gram Sewa Sangh Nagpur for encouraging and giving me a golden chance to attend Youth Leadership Program. In that program we have learned some very interesting case studies, concerning sustainable development goals, education and personal hygiene. Those case studies have also shown solutions which can make a good contribution in the society . So many things can be changed and modified. I have learned that doing such social activities we are able to understand the problem faced by local residents and we can make possible solutions for them. 

Because of this program now I have started helping the needy by giving free tuitions to the underprivileged children of nearby areas in my free time and also on weekends I visit street people and provide them homemade food kits.

Gram Sewa Sangh Nagpur always encouraged me and supported me time to time. I am really thankful to Gram Sewa Sangh Nagpur for developing leadership qualities and skills in me. I am always ready to work as a volunteer for Gram Sewa Sangh Nagpur.