Gram Sewa Sangh is a Non - Profit Charitable trust established on 31st December 1993, registered as a Non- Government Organization (Society Act) MH/874/93/NGP by the Nagpur Charity Commissioner and also registered as a charitable trust under Bombay Public Trust Act. BPT No.:-F-11264/NGP, founded by late Mr. Philip A Paranjape. Now, Mr. Vishal Philip Paranjape is the current President of this Organization. 

    Empowering under privileged Children and Women of Urban, Rural & Tribal Regions and their Holistic Development, Specially Education, Health, Agriculture and Research are some of our focal areas.

    The large population of India that has crossed one billion, is causing hardship to Government to provide minimum standard of living / necessary basic need to every individuals i.e. food, shelter, education, health, environment etc. we have a concern towards Unemployment ,below poverty, hopelessness, depression, and diverting some of them towards crime /suicide, which is fatal for society. Our GSS wants to bring smile on the poor face and work for the society. 

    The GSS is committed to work for the holistic development of person & society particular in weaker section.

    come forward and help poor families during this covid-19 pandemic

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    As we all know that COVID-19 has been with us for about 2 year now. As sea waves diminish while touching the shore, the second wave comes much stronger. Similarly, the second wave of COVID-19 came back stronger, impacting lakhs of people worldwide. The lockdown had a severe negative impact on the lives of the small vendors, daily wage earners, migrant workers, contract laborer’s, unorganized sector workers, etc. It robbed them of their earnings and savings.

    GRAM SEWA SANGH is extending a helping hand to these sections of people and supporting the families with humanitarian aid. From identification of right beneficiaries to collaborating with district administration to the distribution of relief items adhered to COVID appropriate behavior was on top. GRAM SEWA SANGH supported more than 1050 families with grocery kits and hygiene kits. These responses were made with the support of people like you. 

    Q. How  do we prepare for Relief Distribution?

    - GRAM SEWA SANGH/JAFS is extending relief to many families in the slums and villages of Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. The relief operations are carefully planned and implemented by the trained team of staff and volunteers. 

    Q. Content of Grocery Kit-

    The Grocery kits contains things as per the local choice and preferences. The choice of the community is given due consideration and accordingly, the material is decided.

    Q. Identification of most needy

    Finite resources should reach the neediest first. Reaching the unreached is the approach. Since GRAM SEWA SANGH/JAFS staff and volunteers are familiar with field, they identify the neediest. The list is then vetted by community leaders.

    For example, in slum or village we distribute grocery kits to the families who are struggling to survive day by day. Similarly, priority is given to daily wage laborers, single women, elderlies, small farmers, street vendors, domestic helper, migrants and the homeless. 

    We donate preventive kits, food kits, grocery, dairy products, and basic amenities to all such families and ensure that they survive the pandemic that has spread widely though out these areas. We want to support their needs and make sure they are healthy and immune enough to fight the contagious virus.

    Please come forward and Donate to support the needy families.


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    A world of hope, tolerance and social justice, overcoming poverty.

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    Based at Nagpur, we are working with children all over Maharashtra.

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    All donations are eligible for 50% TAX under Section 80G.

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